We read to know we are not alone. — C.S. Lewis

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Cool Bookish Places: Fairytale Forest

Aug 18, 2014

Fairytale Forest is a fifteen-acre section of The Efteling, a theme park in The Netherlands that may just be the cool bookish place to end all cool bookish places. The whole park was built on the idea of bringing fairytales to life. The forest features scenes and buildings from so many fairytales it will make […]

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Cool Bookish Places: Storybook Forest

Jul 18, 2014

Storybook Forest is a featured attraction at Idlewild Park in the Laurel Highlands near Ligonier, Pennsylvania. It features thirty-three scenes and landmarks from an array of children’s fairytales and fables, including The Little Engine That Could, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Aladdin, The Three Little Pigs, and Alice in Wonderland. There are also six costumed actors in character as Mother Goose, Captain […]

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New Classics from The Folio Society

Oct 21, 2013

The Folio Society, publisher of fine editions of classic books, has recently released two new titles: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Great Gatsby. What I love about Folio Society editions is their understated elegance. While cheaper brands rely on garish styling, The Folio Society exudes genuine luxury and quality, from the sturdily sewn spines to the elegantly designed […]

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