We read to know we are not alone. — C.S. Lewis

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20 Amazing Soundtracks & Songs from Movies Based on Books

Aug 27, 2014

A soundtrack can make or break a movie in the same way that acting, a script, or the production style can. What I love about movie scores is that they tell a story in a different way than most other music does. I’ve been collecting soundtracks for years, and it’s a hobby I recommend to [...]

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6 More Folktales from Around the World to Read to Your Kids

Aug 25, 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote about 6 Folktales from 6 Continents that you should read to your kids. As a follow-up to that, here are six more amazing stories from indigenous cultures around the world. Africa: “The Wolf Queen” “The Wolf Queen” is a South African story from the Malay-Indian provenance about a beautiful young woodcutter’s [...]

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35 Harry Potter Covers (Including the New Ones!)

Aug 22, 2014

In case your head has been under a rock recently and you haven’t heard, there’s a new set of Harry Potter covers coming out in September from Bloomsbury. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wasn’t there a new set of Harry Potter covers released recently?” Yes, there was, but one cannot have too many Harry Potter covers. I love [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to BookTube

Aug 20, 2014

BookTube may sound like a root vegetable, but it’s actually an incredibly vibrant community of people who vlog (that’s video blog for those of you who are unfamiliar with the lingo) about books on YouTube. There’s something for everyone on BookTube, from hilarious reviews of 50 Shades of Grey… …to stop-motion videos of books getting their [...]

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Cool Bookish Places: Fairytale Forest

Aug 18, 2014

Fairytale Forest is a fifteen-acre section of The Efteling, a theme park in The Netherlands that may just be the cool bookish place to end all cool bookish places. The whole park was built on the idea of bringing fairytales to life. The forest features scenes and buildings from so many fairytales it will make [...]

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